Orange Guided Tour


Price per guided tour. 20 persons max. Private tour guide.

Join me for a complete discovery of Orange


We will spend 2 hours together exploring the best conserved Roman Theater on earth as well as the old town of Orange.

Inside the Roman Theater I will tell you how it was built and what were theater pieces looking like back in the Antiquity. We will then a walk through the city museum and old town to understand all about Orange from its origin to modern times. And let’s finish this tour with the majestic Arch of Triumph !


In the program:

  • Roman Theater (Best conserved in the world, UNESCO, entrance not included)
  • Orange Museum (entrance not included)
  • Orange Arch of Triumph
  • Park of the Sainte Eutrope Hill
  • Cathedral Notre Dame (entrance included)
  • A route through the old town on the trail of its Roman origins.
  • Secret stories and unusual anecdotes
  • The best addresses in town
  • And of course the answers with a smile to all your questions 🙂

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