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During your stay on the French Riviera, discover the secrets of Nice’s history and heritage with the guide-lecturers from the Ministry of Tourism and Culture. They will offer you unique and unforgettable tours so that you’ll know Nice as a local !

The architectural history of Nice from the 18th to the 21st century

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Nice is an extraordinary city. Since the 18th century, tourists in Nice stay in winter to take advantage of the exceptional mildness of its Mediterranean climate.

Arriving in Nice, these rich and sophisticated visitors did not always find accommodation to their liking.

Some therefore came with their own architects to build sumptuous homes..

Nice thus becomes the most beautiful of the Côte d’Azur and is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site..

The center of Nice is a real open-air architectural museum that we invite you to discover with your guide.

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Castle hill: history of the castle, of the cemetery and the garden

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The Colline du Château dominates the center of Nice between the old town and the port.

It is on this hill that the ancient city of Nikaia was founded by the Greeks in the 3rd century BC.. J.C.

This is the must-see site that allows you to learn about the history of Nice and its urban development.

At the top of this magical hill, you will be amazed by the panorama over the city and the Baie des Anges.

Your private guide tells you 2000 stories from the most beautiful balcony on the Mediterranean.

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Nice and its famous painters

Visite sur les peintres de Nice

Come and discover the city through the works and painters who celebrated it.

Painters have always been attracted, seduced and inspired by the light of Nice. The best known of them is Matisse. He spent much of his life there and, just like Chagall, he has his museum in the Cimiez district.

So, many painters, equally famous, immortalized this colorful and joyful city, strongly marked by the Italian presence.

Dufy, for example, left a large number of paintings representing the old town.

Likewise, Mossa father and son designed for years the floats and decorations of the Carnival.

The list is still long! Come walk in the footsteps of the artists during the guided tour !

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Old Nice – a full story

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When you arrive in the old town of Nice, you find yourself in another world.

Old Nice is a labyrinth of narrow streets, colorful houses, museums and hidden monuments, unknown art galleries, charming shops selling local products and churches with sometimes sober facades, sometimes masterful, but still sumptuous inside.

A world best discovered with a guide so as not to miss the best!

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The Greeks and Romans in Nice, who created the city?

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We know the expression “Greco-Roman civilization”. Most, if we look into the question, we will see that the Greeks and Romans had many points of divergence such as art, politics, the philosophy, the daily.

Both were present in Nice. But then, which of the two settled in Nice first ? Who was inspired by whom ? What meaning to give to the word “Nikaïa”? How and by whom was this city designed and built? And especially, what motivated such a company?

All these questions will no longer be a secret for you after a guided tour of the hills of the Château and those of Cimiez as well as of the Archaeological Museum of Nice.

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The Russians in Nice: a long love story

Visiter Nice Russe

The Russians cannot live without the French Riviera and the French Riviera would never be what it is without the Russians!

This love story begins at the beginning of the 19th century when rich Russians followed the example of the European elites of the time and spent the winter under the magnificent Nice sun.: great writers, painters, members of the Tsar’s family, composers.

All these beautiful Russian people will live and build in Nice throughout the 19th century. However, with the Russian revolution of 1917, the situation will change very quickly.

Our guides invite you to discover this little-known story, exciting and tumultuous.

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